Subzenith is an incarnation of the highest points of low. Interpret it as you will. To me, it is a representation of the contradictions of human emotions. I have felt weak, I have felt powerless, I have felt like giving up. I have burned in the coldness of solitude and loneliness. Yet those were the moments where I was at my highest points, artistically and otherwise. These songs are the result of those moments of addiction, weakness, self-harm, self-loathing and the struggle to overcome with one goal and only one goal in mind: triumph. Triumph over myself – my demons, my skeletons. Triumph over trying to make it in a world where you are set up to fail from birth.
Subzenith is the will to express what it is you feel you cannot express. The word that fills your speechless gaps. The emotion in your highest point of low. We are a house fire in a rain storm. We are the broken barricade.
“Burn your sorrow and scorch the stage”

Logo design by Matt McLean
Background and band name design by Josh Greenly

Message by PRC


4/4 – Battle of the Bands presented by Red Leather Booking at Herman’s Hideaway ($5 cover)

4/22 – Hemlock presented by Swinging Noose Productions at the Roxy Theatre ($10 Presales)

6/10 – Curse the Fall at Herman’s Hideaway

7/5 – Burlap the Sac at Herman’s Hideaway

7/6 – Dellacoma and Jacob Cade at Silver Music Hall presented by Wolfpack Productions

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