Patrick “Rikki” Michael Chauvin began playing in bands as a guitarist at the age of 14 in a small town almost completely devoid of fellow metal fans. By his 20’s, Rikki made the switch to vocals when he began fronting the stoner rock/metal band TieDie Madness. Now, Rikki fuses all of his influences from grunge, traditional heavy metal, melodic alternative and crossover rap/hip hop to help shape the ‘Frankenstein-monster’ that is Subzenith.
As the main lyricist, PRC’s words are an attempt to build an intimate and relatable connection with the audience. Touching on subjects such as alienation (“Splice”), addiction (“Demon Fall”), betrayal (“Breathe You In,” Dreamstate”), rage (“Drillskull,” “Seconds to Spare”), and panic (“Ropeburn”) among others (see “Overflow” for the other). Subzenith has something for just about anybody to find some sort of meaning in.

PRC is also the head of booking and promotion for Subzenith.